Biocentre Technology Ltd launched

Biocentre Technology Ltd (“Biocentre”) provides integrated sustainable infrastructure solutions to the waste management sector and the biomass fuel renewables sector. A strong management team of highly experienced professionals bringing a broad mix of all the necessary skills and expertise is in place to effectively develop and efficiently deliver a roll-out of much needed solution. The Biocentre® facilities will incorporate high tech mechanical recycling systems which are fully automated and enclosed to avoid any human contact with wastes, whilst controlling emissions and minimising social and environmental impacts. The Carbon footprint of these facilities has been independently assessed to be far lower than any other form of existing waste management operations, including energy from waste (“EfW”) with combined heat and power (“CHP”) A Biocentre® plant will offset approximately 0.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions for every tonne of waste processed.

The management team have structured the design of these Biocentre® facilities in such a way that significant economies of scale can be obtained for extra process lines, which in turn pass on substantial savings to regional waste collection businesses and Local Authorities compared to landfill and equating to almost half the typical gate fees charged by EfW plants.

The founder management team have invested in the new company and acquired the assets and intellectual property from Advanced Recycling Technologies Ltd (“ART”) and Cargill PLC. The new company is attracting project investment and are moving forward with the first Biocentre® site close to central Birmingham with Planning consent in place and excellent access to the West Midlands region. The Birmingham facility is offering a clean, industrial specification, rapid turnaround waste acceptance facility to any waste collection company and already has a number of significant well established businesses engaged with intent to supply. Plans are progressing rapidly and Biocentre® will provide substantial savings against rising Landfill Tax, whilst enabling collection companies to streamline their logistics to work with Biocentre®’s “one-stop-shop” mechanical recycling system producing high quality, refined specification outputs. Biocentre management are aiming for this facility to be commissioned in late 2013 with a series of further plants across the UK in planning.

CEO Tom Jarman commented: “I am delighted with the strength and breadth of the team we have been able to bring together. From the inventor of high quality fuel manufacture from waste, through to major waste and power project delivery expertise, operations, planning and permitting this is a powerful team. We have acquired the best, proven technology in the business – with the lowest carbon footprint, best quality fuel output and highest ROCE – what’s more, with the first Biocentre® in Birmingham fully ready for installation, these plants will not be long in coming. We look forward to working with our waste supply, fuel offtake and investment partners over the coming years – Biocentre®s are going to make a major impact on this industry – waste is a valuable resource, not a burden and Biocentre® plants will deliver that benefit across the UK”.

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