Gloucestershire Company Announces Environment Friendly Waste-to-Biomass Plant for Javelin Park to be Operational in 2015

Gloucestershire Company Announces Environment Friendly
Waste-to-Biomass Plant for Javelin Park to be Operational in 2015

Advanced Recycling Technologies Gloucestershire Ltd (ART GL) announces plans to develop a waste processing facility on the Javelin Park site, adjacent to the planned UBB incinerator. The facility will process mixed (residual) waste initially from Commercial and Industrial sources, and will be able to expand to process all of Gloucestershire’s residual waste. ART GL will use the Biocentre® process which was developed in the UK in the 1990’s to automatically recycle materials and then produce a high quality, sustainable, biomass fuel pellet. These fuel pellets are similar to wood pellets and can be burnt in conventional coal plants, delivering very substantial carbon footprint benefits.

ART GL’s plant will be housed in a standard industrial unit, fitting within existing planning restrictions including a height limit of 15m. The fuel produced by the process is not burnt on site, and there are no significant emissions. Waste is not stored on site in deep bunkers, instead it is immediately processed in an automated, fully enclosed process.

The Company has a licence to use Biocentre® technology, developed and proven in the UK in the 1990’s over a series of plants across England. This fully automated process first sorts and recovers recyclable material, before producing the >90% biomass fuel from the material which cannot be economically recycled. It is anticipated that the fuel will be used by local industry to replace coal and oil. This gives substantial economic benefits to the user, and very substantial Carbon Footprint savings.

The plant, which will initially process 120,000 tonnes per annum of waste and produce 60,000 tonnes of fuel, can be doubled in capacity within the planned building. This would mean the facility has a larger capacity than the planned incinerator, yet has a build cost of only £20M. Funding for this will come from institutional investors.

Construction involves the installation of standard equipment and conveyors within a conventional industrial unit which can be completed in less than 18 months. Operations are expected to commence in 2015. Up to 40 skilled jobs will be directly created for local people with over 50 associated jobs and supply chain benefits.

Director of ART GL, Tom Jarman said:

“I am very pleased that we are able to develop this facility so close to my home town. In Gloucestershire we have a proud tradition of leading the way on sustainable industry. The Biocentre process allows us to deliver exceptional benefits to the local environment and economy. Driving up recycling, recovery of materials and producing a sustainable low carbon fuel in a way that suits local communities is what Biocentre does best, it will be great to offer this positive message on the use of waste as a resource for Gloucestershire, using a far more sustainable solution than incineration or landfill.

“From an ART GL perspective we are not affected by UBB’s plans for a waste incinerator on the adjacent land. Firstly we believe these plans will not go ahead, for practical, Planning and economic reasons. In any case ART GL’s far lower operational costs and the value of our output means we can offer lower gate fees to our commercial and industrial waste suppliers, offering savings of 40% or more. It is just a pity that GCC are locked into a much more expensive and more environmentally damaging solution for the county’s household waste.”

Notes for the editor:

Advanced Recycling Technologies (Gloucestershire) Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales no. 08687925. Registered office Beaumont House 172 Southgate Street Gloucester GL1 2EZ

More information on Biocentre® and their process can be found here:

Biocentre uses a form of advanced MBHT. Information on this process can be found here

An independent assessment of “carbon footprint” and ‘life cycle assessment’ (LCA) was undertaken using the Environment Agency’s standard assessment tool (called the WRATE model) by SLR consulting in Bristol. This showed the Biocentre® process to deliver substantial carbon savings against all other alternatives. The benefit compared to landfill is twice that offered by an Energy from Waste plant even when this uses Combined Heat and Power. See here

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