Biocentre are the market leaders in the supply of biomass fuel
products from waste. Our process is unique in providing a consistent
fuel quality and is flexible to develop customer-specific products.

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specification you need to achieve.


High quality biomass fuel with consistent fuel quality >90%

Low chemical contamination

Pellet with variable size and make-up to suit requirements

Consistent fuel supply (agreed monthly tonnage)

Suitable for use in standard biomass boilers and industrial Processes

CHP generators of power and heat

Replacement for woodchip and / or coal

Comparable CV to that of woodchip (>17MJ/Kg)

Low moisture content (<10%) Low chemical contamination Bulk density of 250-750Kg/m3

Long term supply contracts available

Acceptable for Renewable Obligation Certifications (ROCs)

Competitive pricing structure

Customer-Focused Product

Developed for clients with specific requirements

Consistent fuel specification

Consistent fuel supply / delivery

Unique focused specification

Blending of core products to achieve combination of CV and high biomass content

Increased plastic composition to achieve CV upto 22MJ/Kg

Refined to reduce key contaminants

Long term contracts available

Consistent fuel supply with agreed monthly quotas

Competitive pricing structure


High biomass content from processed organic waste products >92%

Clean and consistent fuel quality

High Biomass content ensures ROC’s

Agreed Monthly Supply contracts

Suitable for Customers who require high Biomass Content

Abiity to achieve key environmental and regulatory targets

Ability to demonstrate sustainable use of waste resources

Comparible CV with lower grade Organic equivalents (>11MJ/Kg)

Low Ash Content (<20%) Low Chlorine Content (<0.3%) Bulk density of >200Kg/m3

Long term supply contracts available

Consistent Quality Fuel with High biomass Content

Competitive pricing structure