The Process

Biocentre®‘s evolved process design will handle mixed waste from commercial, industrial and domestic household waste sources to produce reprocessed recyclates and refined fuel

These Biocentre® facilities will produce high quality consistent specification fuel pellets that under revised EU Waste Framework Directive (2008) and recent legal precedents are expected to no longer be classed as “waste”, and can be used in coal fired power stations, further reducing emissions and potentially avoiding the need to shut down refurbished coal plant avoiding the expense of building new stations that could take >5 years to construct.

Benefits of Biocentre®

  1. Fully enclosed and automated process – no human contact with waste.
  2. Remove recyclables (washed, shard-free glass, >95% clean metals & separated plastics)
  3. Excellent lifecycle performance (WRATE)
  4. Zero odour.
  5. Proven track record in UK at commercial scale.
  6. Reduce transport costs and emissions.
  7. Avoid wasteful landfill.
  8. Minimise kerbside recycling costs (and Health & Safety risks). Also provides opportunity to Local Authorities to focus on batteries, WEEE, re-usables separation at kerbside to provide a simple ‘residual’ bin for maximum recycling and renewable energy generation.
  9. Generate clean, renewable energy from local, sustainably sourced fuels.

Biocentre® plants can handle all household and commercial waste as well as a proportion of demolition, construction and industrial waste. These materials are processed to produce refined recyclates and much needed clean fuel, displacing significant amounts of coal and waste biomass which are imported for power generation

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